Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A milestone in my life

On Friday June 3, 2011 I accomplished something I never thought I would. My ten year High School Reunion is this year, but one I did not feel I should join in. In March 2001 I dropped out of High School. We were six weeks from graduating and I would have been in the top 10% of my class. I had a full ride to NAU and a bright future ahead of me.

I was dating someone and decided to move in with him. When I did that I moved over thirty minutes from school and it became to much of a 'burden' to finish. I let my grandparents down, as I lived with them. I would have (at that time) been only the second in our family to graduate and only the first to go to college. I still remember the disappointment on my grandmothers face up until the day she passed in 2003.

After my grandmother died my husband and I divorced. I bounced from job to job, I tired to get my GED but life always got in the way. This past year I had the opportunity to go back to High School. This is not one of those through the mail things. I mean I went BACK to High School! I attended classes, relying on my mother-in-law and husband to watch the kids after work so I could go to school. Then when my pregnancy took a severe downward spiral, I was allowed to do class work at home and check in at school.

I finished my 2.5 credits in March right after Faith was born. On June 3,2011 I joined GED graduates and 8 other Adult High School Graduates at Commencement. I walked proudly across the stage as my husband, mother-in-law, and daughter cheered from the audience (Faith cheered I swear, it does not matter that she is only 2 months). I was called back to the stage not once but TWICE to be honored as Valedictorian and presented with a scholarship from the local newspaper.

Ten years after the worst mistake of my life, all is in the process of being made right. I will be attending Roane State this fall to obtain a bachelors in Social Service. It may have taken 10 years but I fixed it. I truly pray my grandmother is looking down on me proud! Please remember it's not the mistakes you make it's HOW you FIX them that truly count!


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  1. Congratulations! Your persistence despite all that got thrown at you this last year is impressive. You've set a positive example for your kids about the importance of education!


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