Thursday, June 9, 2011

Making Extra Money For Your Family

Have you ever balanced your check book and wished there was a few extra $100's in there? I mean it could mean a bill got paid down, a fun activity for the family, a better Christmas or Birthday, etc. After Faith was born I realized giving more to my kids just got harder and yet even more important to me. Growing up I never went on a family vacation. My vacations started in High School when I was in Key Club. I remember going to Atlanta, Chicago, Albuquerque, and a couple other places.

I do not blame my grandparents, one is disabled the other worked to provide for all of us, but looking back I wish I had those memories. My husband on the other hand went lots of places with his mom and talk about with fond memories. I want to make sure my children experience those same memories.

So back to what I was saying, after Faith was born I started looking at how I could go back to work. I knew I was starting college in August, have two kids that would need daycare, and one that would need daycare till school starts back in August. Now factor in low wages because of the economy (the only places hiring are doing so at around minimum wage), the cost of gas, and the cost of daycare.... WHAT would I be working for.... TO WORK!

I was surfing around Facebook one day and got to talking to a wonderful lady about Scentsy! I have loved Scentsy since I won a warmer on a blog a year ago. Scentsy is wickless candles, WARMED not BURNED! There is no fire danger and they are safe for pets and kids.

Scentsy's philosophy of Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity has made us one of the fastest growing companies the direct selling industry has ever seen. And we just keep growing! Right now, Scentsy is expanding into Europe. First comes spreading Scentsy throughout the U.K. and Germany, but after that, who knows? Anything's possible with Scentsy!
I was talking to Kathy that night and she sent me a file about joining. After reading that page I was HOOKED! I have been selling Scentsy now for almost two months and I have made enough to pay the starter kit back to us and put money in the bank! What are we saving for right now? I am going to Scentsy Convention in August in Fort Worth, then we are saving for Disney! Yep thats right Scentsy will be paying for my kids and I (I think we will take the hubby too) to Disney.

I have gained friends, met people in my community I never would have, and I am having fun. The great thing about this is I can do Scentsy on my terms in my own time! How many extra jobs can say that? There are so many direct sell business' you can get involved in. Anyone of them can help give you extra money... the plus I found with Scentsy is that it is still fairly new. There are not millions of consultants and LOTS of people do not know what Scentsy is!

If your thinking about making extra money, I would LOVE to send you more information. Getting information can help you decide if Scentsy is right for you or not. There is NO obligation! Please email me at if you would like more information about earning extra money, in YOUR home on YOUR terms! If you know you want to do this then please head over to my site, I would LOVE to have you on my team!



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