Friday, January 7, 2011

Make the Most of Online 1/7

I want to make the most of my time online and I want you to as well! I have been saving Amazon gift cards for Christmas or birthdays and it really helps stretch our budget. There are so many FREE programs online. While none will make you rich, when you use the programs they add up to several HUNDRED dollars a year! I have decided to start featuring one site a day! A lot of these sites you have read about already on this blog but I will break it down to 'why to sign up' and how to use it! So here we go:

Reward Port

Reward Port is a free email reading site. What happens is you sign up and they begin to send emails each day. I receive anywhere from 1 - 8 emails a day. I open these emails and click on the link. I allow the page to load and then I close out of the page and delete the email. Each link I open awards me 1-5 points. When I receive 4500 points I can cash out for a $10 Amazon gift card! This is as far as I participate with this site! I spend anywhere from 30 seconds to 4 minutes on Reward Port a day. They do have a referral program and I would love to help you sign up. Just send me your email to

Reward Port has surveys you can take and earn more points as well as shopping offers! I do not know how lucrative these are as I do not do these. When you sign up you receive 500 points just for filling out your profile! Just by reading emails I earned $50 in Amazon gift cards last year! WOW


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