Friday, November 6, 2009

How much did I spend?


Here is a little game. If you can guess how much I spent at Kroger last night on this pile of stuff then I will send you an envie of good coupons. To qualify you:
1) Must be a follower of my blog.
2) Comment on the total oop BEFORE taxes
3) Leave your email add. so I can contact you.
This game will expire on Sunday 11/08 at 12pm central time. Have fun and good luck.
~*~Some hints for you. I did all of this in one transaction. Items purchased were:
24 single gatorades
3 boxes of kleenex
1 box of milk bones
3 packs of 12 double rolls of quilted northern
1 bottle cascade
3 bogs of sweet and salty chex mix
2 cans kroger cranberry sauce
1 bag of bubble bee tuna
2 microwave orida french fries
2 duncan hines frosting
2 bags tollhouse morsels
1 bag of golden delicious apples
1 loaf of sunbeam bread
1 package of kotex overnight maxi's
2 disney gummi vitamins
1 kroger brand hamburger bun
1 4 pack minute rice microwave bowels
2 kellogs cinnabun bars
5 3 pound pork loins
2 boxes kellos all bran with yogurt
1 box betty crocker julienne potatoes
4 boxes special k cereal bars
1 box texas toast
1 playtex living gloves
2quaker chewey bars
1 4 pace eclipse gum
1 pomp lime juice
4 ronzoni pasta
1kroger beef hamburger patty 12 ct
3 land o lakes butter
1 simply orange juice
1 box of trail mix bars
1 box of aleve liquid pills 20ct
1 box aleve pills 60 ct

I will also send out an envie of coupons for the closest guess on savings in dollars. Please post 2 separate comments. One for total oop and one for savings. Both comments need to include email.

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  1. Hello I am Amanda and I venture to say that you spent $45.00 before taxes.

    e-mail is


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