Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Adventures of Astro the Elf Day 1 and 2

So I love Christmas, it is probably my favorite holiday. I rarely get gifts and that is okay with me! I love to give and more than that I love the magic of the season. We teach our children the story of Christmas and Jesus' birth but we also have the magic of elves, Santa, and the whole lot. So it is no surprise that two years ago we added the Elf on the Shelf tradition. Aaron was 4 and at first he actually did not believe.... it took some convincing. Two years later he and Caleb (3) can not be more excited. I started hearing around Halloween, "When is Astro coming back Mommy?"

WELL..... HE IS BACK :) Astro returned two nights ago, so lets see what he has been up to!
Night one... he is back. Hmmm is that socks on my tree?
Night Two... Why yes a an Elf in a Marshmallow bath!
Okay so my kids LOVE Astro. Mommy and daddy have to remember to move and do silly things but they love him. I can not tell you how often I wake up in the morning and have forgotten to do something. So there I am 5am running around the house trying to come up with something to make my kids laugh. OH word of warning.... they won't drink magic green elf milk. So help me come up with silly ideas for Astro. Also do you have a great Christmas tradition? Feel free to share it here.


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