Thursday, September 22, 2011

1 Act = 3 Impacts

After being in Fort Worth, Texas and seeing everything amazing Scentsy does, my husband and I did some brain storming. For those of you that do not know the Fall Catalog will be out shortly. This catalog season's charitable cause is Sasha the Bear, a Scentsy buddy. Scentsy Family Foundation will be donating 100% of all net proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Charity from the sales of Sasha.

I wanted to take this a step further. Thus 1 Act = 3 Impacts was born. the 1 Act of buying Sasha through me now through December 1st, will have 3 impacts.
1) 100% of net proceeds will be donated from Scentsy to the Ronald McDonald house Charity.
2) 100% of my commissions from the sale of Sasha (now - December 1st) will be donated January 10th to the Ronald McDonald House in Knoxville, TN.
3) I would like to have donated from my customers (through your purchases) 1,000 buddies for my family and I to take to local hospitals on Christmas Eve.
Please note if I can sell 1,000 buddies I will donate aprox $7,500!! All commissions from ALL Sasha buddies sold will be donated, even if you do not donate the actual buddy. Cost of Sasha is $30 plus your states sales tax if you donate Sasha to me to deliver to a hospital. Want Sahsa delivered to you? Just pay an additional $5 shipping. If you decide to purchase Sahsa please contact me to set it up and include whether you would like to donate or have delivered to you. 1,000 buddies will change a lot of lives..... for $30 you are helping to touch lives beyond what that money could do for you. Please consider skipping the morning latte, packing a lunch, etc.

My kids came to me (my oldest anyways) carrying his piggy bank telling me he wanted to buy a buddy bear to give to a sick child. He is five and made me cry! If you donate your Sasha, please let me know what name you would like to put on the card. All buddies will have a tag of LOVE from their donator and pictures will be taken and posted on my facebook page. I can hit this goal of 1,000 with each of your help. Please if you find this a worthy cause contact me to purchase Sasha today. Don't wait if you can, we all get so involved in life and forget.

You can send me an email at to order Sasha to be donated OR you can purchase Sasha on my site to have him shipped to you or someone you choose. Do you know someone that would love to purchase Sasha? Please have them contact me. Thank you for consideration of this worthy cause; I hope to hear from you soon. Together 1 Act = LOTS of IMPACTS!


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