Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Time at My House

The next month is brimming with stuff on our agenda. Headstart just let out yesterday for Aaron and we have to start the transition to Kindergarten. (I can not believe he is starting 'real' school!) His graduation was so adorable though I have to admit I have some problems with all these false milestones, I mean what happened to celebrating only the big ones in a BIG way.
Speaking of a BIG one. I will be graduating from a state accredited High School on June 3rd! Yep after ten years of dropping out (this is my years ten year anniversary) I am going to walk across the stage and accept my diploma. Although I think I will leave the graduation announcements to me graduating College, I am beyond excited. Oh yes you heard that right, I will be starting college in August!

Aaron will be adopted by my husband in June as well. That is right we get to go in front of a judge and make what we already feel in our hearts, legal! I can guarantee I will purchasing photo gifts for mom and everyone  this year. I have already hired the photographer that did our wedding, to take family photos! Look for pictures in June.
T-Ball ends in June and then we have Caleb turning two in July. How can it be that my babies keep growing! I don't like it at all. I don't know what kind of party we will throw this year for him. It seems he is into whatever Aaron is into at the time. Caleb LOVES his brother. I love Shutterfly's birthday invitations though; I have caught myself looking through them several times.

I know things are busy right now and I have not been around. I think though that Spring time is so full for most families. Please remember to cherish every moment and capture those memories~ I KNOW I WILL! Happy Spring!

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